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Da Real Media

How much is Da Real Media?

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Da Real Media net worth:
$4.5 Million
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Da Real Media is well Known Talent Agent, Influencer, and Investor with an Estimated Net Worth in 4.5 Million American Dollars, this young entrepreneur who has guided the digital and personal careers of celebrities that today are followed by Millions of fans, has built a solid company where influencers rely on their great ideas to grow nationally and internationally.

His face is a mystery, the influencers managed by him in the United States and the Dominican Republic have managed to have millions of followers, millionaire advertising, commercials of famous brands and participation in national and international films.

Influencers such as Pio La Ditingacia, who has an Instagram account with more than 3.7 million followers, A Tu Edad with an account of 1.8 million, Rosairis Toribio with an account of 1.2 million and Mike Tokz with an account of 4.9 million followers on TikTok and who in just three months has achieved 676K on Instagram, these and other influencers have entrusted their careers to the young man with the hidden face.

But Da Real Media’s work is not only about managing the careers of influencers and artists, it has also delivered to those most in need in times of crisis, as the current pandemic that is hitting the world has led it to deliver to those most in need. the equivalent in dollars to the basic American basket to those who need it, giving away what life has given them.

Da Real Media continues to expand her career and work for those most in need, an example of which is her most recent project “QAAR”, a taxi application in New York, where taxi workers take 100% of their earnings, at differences of other companies in which these workers earn less than 60% of their jobs.

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Da Real Media Net Worth

Da Real Media

Social Media Expert
Date of Birth
Dec 28, 1988(35 years old)
Dominican Republic
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