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Calvin Klein

How much is Calvin Klein?

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Calvin Klein net worth:
$700 Million
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This fashion designer, and American businessman has a net worth of $700 million. Calvin Klein was born in the Bronx, New York City, (USA) on November 19th, 1942. He was raised in an immigrant Jewish community, and he graduated from the New York Fashion Technological Institute in 1962.


Calvin Klein started making coats in the sixties. The minimalism of his garments, as well of other colleagues from his generation, impressed American fashion and gave New York Fashion Week its own identity. However, the simplicity and elegance of his clothes did not prevent Calvin Klein from becoming one of the most provocative, suggestive and controversial brands in the industry thanks to his underwear.

Calvin Klein Incorporated.

He created his own firm Calvin Klein Limited in 1968. In 1993, he won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for his male and female collections. His first campaign was with Brooke Shields, who wore his jeans with the phrase “nothing stands between me and my Calvin Jeans.”

Klein’s success in the fashion industry was the launch of his first line of denim jeans in the 1970s.

Philip-Van Heusen.

In December 2003, Calvin Klein Incorporated was acquired by the Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. shirts manufacturer. In a transaction that included $ 400 million in cash, $ 30 million in shares, as well as license fees and an estimated $ 200 to $ 300 million in royalties over estimated earnings over the next 15 years. The transaction also included a continuing personal financial incentive for Klein, based on future sales of the Calvin Klein brand.

Calvin Klein Incorporated adds.

The company Calvin Klein is known for its flashy ads and has been accused by several conservative organizations for using seemingly minor role models in semi suggestive poses. In addition to the clothing, Klein gave his name to a line of perfumes, which include the unisex fragrances “CK One” and “CK Be”, which are now owned by Unilever.

His style.

As well as his fashion designs, Calvin Klein perfumes express the basic elements of the spirit. From the sophistication of his fragrance collection “Obsession”, “Eternity”, “Escape” and “Contradiction”, Klein’s modern “CK One” and “CK Be” personalize modern man and woman.

Private life.

Calvin Klein has had two marriages, his first wife was Jayne Center, fellow student, he lived with her in a 10-year marriage from 1964 to 1974. His second wife was the socialite Kelly Rector, they married in 1986 ending their relationship in 2006. He has a daughter from the marriage to Jayne Center named Marci Klein, who has been a producer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

In 2010, Klein attended several social events in New York and The Hamptons in the company of his boyfriend, Nick Gruber, a twenty-year-old boy who had previously worked as an erotic gay model on pornographic websites. The relationship lasted until January 2012, but they met three months later, when Gruber was arrested for carrying possession. On that occasion, Klein supported him with a rehabilitation treatment.

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Calvin Klein

Fashion designer, Businessman
Date of Birth
Nov 19, 1942(81 years old)
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