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How much is Sting?

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Sting net worth:
$300 Million
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Sting is a British bassist, songwriter, singer, and philanthropist whose net worth is $300 million. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner was born in Wallsend, England on October 2nd, 1951. Due to the influence of his Irish paternal grandmother, Sting discarded a race like athlete when only obtained the third place in the competition called 100 Yard Sprint National Junior Championship.

At the age of 8 Sting showed a natural talent for music, playing and arranging his own songs almost immediately after taking an old guitar discarded by his uncle. In his beginnings, he used to give concerts in the first place where they offered it to him.


He once played in a black and yellow striped t-shirt, he was playing at Newcastle’s second football team at the time, and his partner Gordon Solomon told him he looked like a bee, after which everyone started calling him Sting, which has been used exclusively as an artistic name since then, except for official documents.

Before joining The Police, he was part of a minor group also called Sting, which did not record records; Only one date is known at The Cave Pub, where they performed a single gig.

The police

On January 12, 1977, Sting (2-10-1951), Stewart Copeland (16-7-1952) and Andy Summers (31-12-1942) formed the famous rock band The Police in London. Previously, Corsican guitarist Henry Padovani (13-10-1952) had left the group, because of a conflict with Andy Summers during the Mont-de-Marsan festival: they fought before a concert by who should use the best amplifier. Thus, the initial quartet was configured as the trio that would be known later.

The group had several albums on the charts, and won six Grammy Awards in the early 1980s. Their last album, Synchronicity, was published in 1983. The group reunited in 1986, Sting proposed to his colleagues the recording of a new album by The Police, his intention was to record reinterpretations of the group’s classic songs.

But the initiative did not end up, on the one hand by the tense thing that was the relation between Copeland and Sting, and on the other that Copeland had broken the clavicle playing Polo, and he was not able to play the drums, so they just made a new version of their song Don’t stand so close to me, which was a single for their LP compilation Every Breath You Take.


For the first record that Sting recorded solo in 1985, The dream of the blue turtles, reunited to a group of musicians recognized as jazz stars. The album included the hit single If you Love Somebody set them free. Within a year it became triple platinum. He also sang in the introduction and chorus of Dire Straits Money for nothing.


In the late 1980s, he began to support various environmental and humanitarian movements, including International Amnesty. Along with his long-time girlfriend Trudie Styler and a Kayapó (Brazil) an Indian leader, he founded the Rainforest Foundation to help save the forests. His support for these causes is still in force today.

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Singer, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Musician
Date of Birth
Oct 02, 1951(72 years old)
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