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Brittanya Razavi

How much is Brittanya Razavi?

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Brittanya Razavi net worth:
$7 Million
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Brittanya Razavi, born Brittanya O’Campo and also known as Brittanya McCall Razavi, was born July 7, 1985 in Oxnard, California. It’s hard to put a label on Razavi. She got her start on reality TV and used that exposure to fuel a modelling career and a variety of business ventures, including a new book scheduled for release in 2017. We might say that Razavi is an actress, model, social media star, clothing designer, real estate investor, author, speaker and mom all rolled into one 5’0 body. Her diverse exploits have earned Brittanya Razavi a net worth of $7 million.

Razavi first entered the spotlight in 2009 on VH1’s Rock of Love Bus, where contestants competed for the affections of rockstar Bret Michaels. She went on to appear on another reality TV show, the third installment of Charm School. It wasn’t long before she was stirring up controversy with a felony assault charge, but somehow she managed to funnel all her publicity into growing her businesses.

It wasn’t always so easy, though. Brittanya left home at the age of 15 when her father was sent to prison, and she soon found herself a young single mom looking for a way to give her son the best life she possibly could.

Today, she is the owner of a real estate investment business in California and co-owner of the clothing brand 187 Avenue. While living the sweet life in Los Angeles, she has taken to writing her first book, a memoir entitled My Mind, My Secret Weapon, and become a motivational speaker and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her book is set for release early this year, and contains valuable insights for anyone hoping to achieve success through unconventional means, along with the roller coaster of a personal story that led Brittanya Razavi to where she is today.

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Brittanya Razavi

Model, Businesswoman
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