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Rapid growth for Australian startup fashion brand

By el Apr 13, 2017 in Articles

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It isn’t easy to start a successful business under any circumstances, but today’s fashion industry is a particularly formidable market. So whenever a new brand is able to make a strong appearance onto the scene and generate some buzz, it’s an impressive feat and a sign that they’re doing something right. Perhaps the most successful startup fashion brand we’ve seen in 2017 so far is Bad AF Fashion. The Australian company has a small business quality mindset with a really ambitious global objective. The result is a new fashion brand that has shown impressive growth in a very short period of time.

Booming sales for Bad AF Fashion startup

A lot of us think that you have to have your manufacturing done in China or Bangladesh these days to have a profitable fashion business. But the truth is, despite the financial restraints imposed on them simply because they were born at the wrong time, millennials are very attracted to authenticity in a brand. They might be buying fast fashion from cheap mass producers like H&M, but they crave something with more substance. So when a brand like Bad AF Fashion comes along, it’s a hit.

Bad AF Fashion has a clear sense of self that resonates in all their pieces. You may or may not identify with the brand, but those who do, do so fervently. This authenticity, along with the quality that comes from designing and manufacturing each product themselves (the business was started this year by a husband and wife team), is what makes cash-strapped millennials willing to shell out a little bit more.

Bad AF’s powerful brand objective

The company’s mission is one that resonates with a large segment of the population today. When you look at Bad AF Fashion’s clothing, the first word that comes to mind is “sexy”. And that’s essentially the point. The goal is to empower women to feel sexy and confident, and not feel guilty about it. Depending on how risqué you are comfortable with, there are different levels of sexy so that any woman who wants to show a little skin can do so stylishly.

This message of empowerment achieved through sexiness is very characteristic of today’s body positive feminism. While women who wore overtly sexy clothing were once looked upon with derision by feminists because they were playing into the patriarchal ideal of women as a sexual object, that has drastically changed today. Today’s feminism is about empowering women to make their own choices, whether that means wearing a tight dress with a plunging neckline or wearing a hijab.

So, despite the fact that the fashion industry is cutthroat under the best of circumstances, Bad AF Fashion has taught us that it isn’t an impossible market to break into. But to do it, you have to have a clear brand identity that resonates with your target customers, know how to reach those consumers, and put care into your product. With its message of empowerment through daring, sexy clothing and its active presence on Instagram and other social media, Bad AF has met all these requirements.

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