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Bad AF Fashion Company

How much is Bad AF Fashion Company?

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Bad AF Fashion Company net worth:
$1.2 Million
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The history of the up and coming clothing brand Bad AF Fashion has been a short one so far, but that only makes the amount of success and growth they have experienced more impressive. The bold, sexy fashion brand has been in business for 6 months, but has already managed to pull in a net worth of $1.2 million. All this with no previous experience in the fashion industry or in running a business period, and no outside help.

History of a rapid growth fashion brand: Bad AF Fashion

The promising new women’s clothing brand was established late last year by a young Australian married couple, with no prior experience in running a business. But they saw an opportunity in an underserved market, and they took it.

Understanding the needs of their target consumer, young women aged 18-30, they realized that they could help these women feel confident and empowered by making bold, sexy, daring styles accessible to them at reasonable mid-range price points. Their clothing is designed to make a statement, with a level of quality that has fallen by the wayside in many fashion brands in recent years.

The couple behind Bad AF Fashion realized from the beginning that starting a new business in the highly competitive fashion industry was an impossible dream. However, by pinpointing the needs, identity and habits of their consumer group, they have managed to grow extremely fast, racking up over $85,000 in sales just in the first couple months. This is particularly impressive when you consider that they design and manufacture all of their pieces themselves.

Bad AF’s social media following: the key to success

One of the main drivers of Bad AF Fashion’s market success has been its understanding of where their consumers spend their time, and that’s on social media, Instagram in particular. Their number of Instagram followers is roughly doubling each month, and that explosive growth – along with the edgy, sexy styles – has gotten the attention of many of IG’s hottest fashion bloggers and models, who themselves have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers each.

Some of the most notable fans of Bad AF Fashion clothing include Nikki Vianna (@nikkivianna), Emma Rose (@emmaroseofficial), and Amrezy (@amrezy). Even Khloe Kardashian is an outspoken fan of the brand. Not surprising considering that many of the outfits look like something pulled straight out of the closet of one of the Kardashian sisters!

Commercial growth of Bad AF Fashion

The result of this has been impressive commercial growth despite the highly competitive market conditions. In just half a year, the Bad AF Fashion brand has come onto the market strong and continues to grow exponentially. Knowing how well they have a feel on the pulse of the 18-30 year old female demographic, it’s no wonder they have already amassed a seven-figure net worth of $1.2 million. We don’t see any reason why this trend won’t continue in the remaining quarters of 2017 and well into the future.

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Bad AF Fashion Company

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