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Juan Gabriel

How much is Juan Gabriel?

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Juan Gabriel net worth:
$ Millions
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Alberto Aguilera Valadez or better known as Juan Gabriel, was born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico January 5th of 1950 and he passed away in Santa Monica, California United States. He was a song writer, Actor, Compositor, musician, producer and philanthropist, he was also known as “el Divo de Juarez”. He make great contribution to the American popular music like ballad, ranchera, bolero, pop, northern music, flamenco rumba, huapango, Chicano music, salsa, mariachi, sinaloense band, disco, big band and even lullabies. He consolidates as an artist by 50 years or more in Mexican music. He is the artist with more music registered in the SACM (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico) and the artist that more financial resources generated by royalties to this association.

Juan Gabriel Net Worth is around 30 million Dollars with his more than 1800 songs which have been translated to many languages like Turkish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Tagalog, Greek, Papiamento, Portuguese and English. His song have been interpreted by many artist more than 1500 arround the world. He sold 150 million of discs, however these are joined the 75 million of discs as a musical producer and the 45 million of discs in participation with the Spanish Rocio Durcal.

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Juan Gabriel

song writer, Actor, Compositor, musician, producer and philanthropist
Date of Birth
Jan 05, 1950(74 years old)
Juan Gabriel, El divo de Juarez
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