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Jonathan Rhys

How much is Jonathan Rhys?

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Jonathan Rhys net worth:
$19 Million
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Jonathan Rhys Net Worth $19 million

Jonathan Rhys is an Irish actor who was born in Drimnagh, Ireland on July 27th, 1977. He is 5 ft. 10 in tall, and his current Net Worth is $19 million.

Personal Life

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a well-known actor of Irish origin, famous for his roles as evil gallant in several productions.
Meyers’ life was indeed complicated from the day he arrived in the world. Shortly after being born the doctors diagnosed a serious heart disease.

Both his parents and doctors did not expect his life to be extended for a long time, so they practiced a premature baptism, so that at least he died as a good Christian. After three months of observation and intensive care, the baby Rhys Meyers managed to improve his condition and could be discharged to leave with his parents in his own home.

Already in Country Cork, and after three years of a very traumatic coexistence, his father left the family, leaving his mother alone with his three younger brothers: Jamie, Alan and Paul.

In 1993 Meyers was expelled from high school, which he attended for being a troublesome boy. In turn, he had left home to live with an older friend who had provided shelter and work on his farm.

Having so much time to spend on absolutely nothing, he spent most of the day in Irish pubs playing pool and having fun with his friends. It was lucky that by that time some producers were traveling through Ireland, looking for young boys to perform in “War of the Buttons”. It was also lucky that he took these producers to the same pub where he played every night.


In 1994 participated in his first work in films, impelled by the already mentioned producers to begin a race career. This movie was called “A Man without Importance”.

Shortly after to have appeared in this film, its face became recognized and began to take part in diverse papers so much in the English television as in its cinema. Their characters are the most varied, going from a glam rock star inspired by David Bowie to famous sportsmen and lucky with women.

1998’s “Velvet Goldmine” was his immediate lead role, where he played rock musician Brian Slade, who was being investigated by Arthur Stuart, played by Christian Bale.

The story revolves around the crazy life of the artist and all his eccentricities, which are supposed to have been acquired from an American mentor named Curt Wild, a kind of Kurt Cobain played by Ewan McGregor. After this lead, Rhys Meyers took place in a television series entitled “Gormenghast” which was aired throughout the year 2000.

Currently the actor is working on new projects, his last major project was the film directed by Woody Allen “Match Point”

Net Worth

He owns a few luxury cars, like a Range Rover, Bentley and Jaguar. He lives in Los Angeles and bought his home in 2008 and its value in $1.8 million. The Experts considered that his Net Worth will grow 28% in the next few years.

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Jonathan Rhys

Actor, Model
Date of Birth
Jul 27, 1977(46 years old)
5 ft. 10 in.
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