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Bill Murray

How much is Bill Murray?

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Bill Murray net worth:
$140 Million
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Bill Murray is an American actor and comedian who currently net worth is $140 million. He was born in Wilmette, Illinois, under the name William James Murray, on September 21st, 1950. His parents were of humble class, and they had nine children. In order to pay for the school, most of his brothers worked as caddies in a golf club. At school, Murray began in the theatrical interpretation. He later enrolled at the University of Denver, but he was soon expelled for marijuana possession.

Professional career.

Murray then decided to try his luck on the radio. He intervened in a program that was unsuccessful, and was withdrawn after a few months, but, he then participated in another program that was issued for a longer time. After working at a theater company in Chicago, he joined the popular American comedy show Saturday night Live and made his film debut in 1979 in the Canadian Film Meatballs, by Ivan Reitman, in which Murray plays a monitor of a summer youth camp.

He was involved in several more films, until in 1984 his blockbuster hit came out with Ghostbusters, a film directed also by Ivan Reitman, with which Murray tuned very well and with which he worked in numerous occasions.


From then on, Murray was a consecrated actor, mainly in comic. Nevertheless, he had the desire to interpret also more serious personages, and it did in some occasions, as in the drama The Razor’s Edge, based on William Somerset Maugham’s work, who co-wrote in 1984 with director John Byrum, or The Gangster Girl, 1993, with Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman.

The same year he performed on Groundhog Day, With Andie MacDowell, another of his greatest hits, where he worked under one of his former co worker on Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis.

Lost in Translation.

Bill Murray was also in The Ghostbusters, an iconic film. Little by little he has gained the respect of the critic, and for his protagonist role in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation with Scarlett Johansson, he gained in 2004 a Golden Globe to the best comedy actor.

In 2007 he helped Eric Clapton in the opening of Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 with a humorous musical facet, since Murray does not know how to play guitar.

Other titles.

Later he could be seen putting voice to the cat Garfield in the films that adapted the famous Jim Davis’s cartoon character, or in titles of independent character, such as “Broken Flowers” (2005) by Jim Jarmusch and “Life Aquatic” (2004) by Wes Anderson.

Personal life.

Murray married twice, the first in 1981. This marriage lasted thirteen years and ended in divorce. In 1997 he married a second time; In 2008 his second wife asked for a divorce for marital violence and alcoholism. He has two children of his first marriage, and four of his second.

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Bill Murray

Date of Birth
Sep 21, 1950(73 years old)
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