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Ralph Lauren

How much is Ralph Lauren?

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Ralph Lauren net worth:
$5 Billion
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Business executive, but most important, a fashion designer. Ralph Lauren has a net worth of $5.81 billion. Ralph Lifschitz was born on October 14TH, 1939, in New York (USA). He was born into a Jewish family. Son of Belarusian origin Jews, Frydl Kotler and Frank Lifshitz, a house painter.


He studied at City College, and in 1962, he performed military service. But shortly after graduating he retired from his studies. he worked for a time as a glove salesman and for a necktie maker, where he was inspired to design his own line.

Beginnings in fashion world.

At age 28 (1967) he opened his first necktie shop and a year later introduced a full line for men. His own were named by himself as Polo. A year later he joined Norman Hilton and founded Polo Fashions New York. He was awarded the Coty Prize in 1970 thanks to his work on men’s clothing.

It would have to wait until 1971 for the introduction of women’s garments. In 1973, it was proposed to him to prepare costumes for the film The Great Gatsby. He won his second Coty Award. In 1977 he made the costumes for the film Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall. During that year, he changed his last name by Lauren and denominated his company Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren and Polo.

The firm designs for all ages, and it also has a home line. Today it is considered one of the most prestigious and exclusive firms in the world and with more international presence. The line for men is divided into different brands or labels: Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, RLX and Purple Label, the latter being the most luxurious, exclusive and least accessible of all. In the same way, the women’s line is divided into Black Label, Blue Label, Lauren, Pink Pony, RLX and the Haute Couture Collection presented each season. Finally, it also has fragrances line, glasses and other accessories.

Health problems.

In early 1987, he was discovered a benign brain tumor. In April 1987, he underwent surgery to remove the tumor and recovered completely.

Awards and Recognitions.

In 2010, he was named Knight of the Honor Legion by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In September 2012, Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 7 billion, making him the 191st richest person in the world. In January 2015, Forbes magazine estimated its fortune at 8 billion, making him the 155th richest on earth.

On September 29, 2015, it was announced that Lauren would cease as CEO of the company he founded to assume the roles of chief executive officer and creative director.

Personal life.

On December 20th, 1964, he married Anne Ricky Low-Beer in New York City. The couple had three children.

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Ralph Lauren

Fashion designer, Businessman
Date of Birth
Oct 14, 1939(84 years old)
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