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Ice Cube

How much is Ice Cube?

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Ice Cube net worth:
$140 Million
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This Hip-Hop singer and actor is as cool as his artist name. his estimated net worth is $140 million, and we all know that he is a brave, and valuable guy who never leave to take challenges from his competitors.

Born as O’shea Jackson in 1969, he became one of the most important Rap performers during the 90s. he was raised at the south of Los Angeles, where he started rapping when he was studying, his musical partner was Sir Jinx, to whom he made a duet called CIA, performing in parties organized by Dr. Dre. During that time, he met Eazy-E, who joined together to make a new group called N.W.A.

The story of this band was really brief, because Ice Cube had some problems with the manager of the band, which made him leave the group in 1989. He moved to New York, and along with The Bomb Squad, the Public Enemy production team, he published his first solo album in 1990. AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted is the name of this album, that had a tremendous succeed during the first weeks on the market. this was a very controverted album.

The lyrics followed the same pattern marked on his previous stage. He also released at the end of the year another album called Kill at Will. He also had the main role on the film Boyz on the Hood, from the director John Singleton. A drama based on the African-American Ghettos.  For this performance, he received excellent critics by the specialized media.

The third Ice Cube’s album, Death Certificate, arrived in 1991, that got some controversy on American society, due to its lyrics. Despite (or thanks) to this, the album reached number two on the North American lists, and his fame increased considerably. In 1992, he joined the famous Lollapalooza tour and he became Muslim. Something which was evident on his next album The Predator, issued at the end of that year. The album made his debut on American number one of the list, despite the fact rap music turned into a descendant popularity curve.

During 1993, he released the album Lethal Injection, a record with a strong Funk sound. Despite this album reached number five on the list, the new sound was not fully accepted by his unconditional fans. This was the last Ice Cube’s album for a long period. From that point, he collaborated and produced a great amount of records. In 1995, he came back filming with John Singleton with the thriller Higher Learning.

That year, he also collaborated again with Dr. Dre, on the album Natural Born Killaz, and a year later, he formed The Westside Connection, along with Mark 10 and WC, editing an album called Bow Down, which got excellent selling results. In 1997, he participated in the film Anaconda with Jennifer Lopez, and released the album Featuring… Ice Cube.  

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ice cube net worth

Ice Cube

Date of Birth
Jun 15, 1969(55 years old)
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