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Francesco Totti

How much is Francesco Totti?

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Francesco Totti net worth:
$33 Million
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Francesco Totti is a renowned football player of Italian origin who plays in the forward position in the team of the Serie A in Italy, Associazione Soprtiva Rome and former player of the national team of Italy. Totti has won individual titles as the Golden Boot and Guerin d’Oro.

Born on 27 September of 1976 in Rome, Italy. Since he was a child, Francesco Totti showed a great talent for football which led his parents to enroll him in the neighborhood team. In 1986 begins in an amateur team, the A.S Lodigiani, then his mother rejects the million dollar proposal of the team A.C. Milan because she did not want to leave her hometown. In 1989, he joined the lower division of A.S. Rome, after 3 years, makes debut in Serie A, making a successful participation in a meeting. In the following seasons, Totti towards large participation in the games, until became one of the starters in 1997 becomes the captain of AS Roma and began to gain fame and was regarded as an iconic player for the team, the next year, he was chosen as the best player in Serie A. currently still playing on the same team, with 26 years playing for As Roma.

Francesco Totti

Totti began participating in the Italy national team under-15 where his debut was scoring goals in 5 matches. In the U-23 he was consecrated with the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in 1997 and was one of the best players in the tournament. A year later, Francesco Totti joins the national team of Italy, debuting as one of the scorers of the team. He retired on July 20, 2007 to devote himself to play in the A.S Rome.

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Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti

Football player
Date of Birth
Sep 27, 1976(46 years old)
5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Il capitano, Il Gladiatore, bambino de oro, Bimbo d'oro
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