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Carmelo Anthony

How much is Carmelo Anthony?

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Carmelo Anthony net worth:
$90 Million
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Carmelo Anthony is a NBA player from USA whose net worth is $90 million.Carmelo Kyam Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York (USA) on May 29th, 1984. He was born in Red Hook, a Brooklyn borough. His father was of Puerto Rican origin, and died of liver failure before Carmelo was three years old. His mother, Mary, had to take care of his son and his three older brothers.


His basketball career started as a base at Towson Catholic High School in the fall of 1998, although he was fired from the basketball team. In the summer of 1999, he grew five inches, and became one of the best players in the area, averaging 14 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals during the season. Towson Catholic had a 26-3 record and finished third in the state championship.

The player enjoyed his junior year, nearly doubling his scoring and rebounding average, and although Towson Catholic did not get the state title. He was named City and County Baltimore Player of the Year, All-Metropolitan Player of the Year and Player of the Year of the Baltimore Catholic League. His stardom made him think on biggest challenges, and he began to think about playing in the NBA, ignoring his school work and suspending various subjects, which worried his mother.


Numerous universities were interested in having him, especially the East Coast. Anthony decided soon and before his senior year of high school announced that he was going to attend the University of Syracuse. As a fan of the Orangemen since his days in New York, Carmelo liked coach Jim Boeheim’s play style. Carmelo’s arrival to Syracuse was the most anticipated event in years.

Along with base Gerry McNamara and forward Matt Gorman, it was the heart of Boeheim’s most talented freshmen generation in the last decade. Since the days of Billy Owens, the Orangemen did not have such as star as Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony finished the regular season with an average of 22.2 points (16th in the NCAA, 4th in the Big East) and 10 rebounds per game (19th in the NCAA, 3rd in Big East and 1st among freshmen of Division I of the NCAA).


With Cleveland Cavaliers, having chosen LeBron James in the top spot of the 2003 NBA Draft, doubts about who would be chosen in second place was between Serbian center Darko Milicic and Anthony. Detroit Pistons opted for Milicic. Fortunately for the Denver Nuggets, there was the possibility that they chose Carmelo in third place, something they doubted before the Draft, so they selected him.

With Carmelo Anthony in the Denver Nuggets, the team went from being one of the worst in the league to always being in the playoffs. Carmelo quickly joined a team that had Andre Miller as the base, and with Marcus Camby and Nene Hilario in the area.

He now plays for New York Knicks, although by the 2017-2018 season, he may wear a new jersey.

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Carmelo Anthony

Professional Basketball Player
Date of Birth
May 29, 1984(39 years old)
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