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Barbra Streisand

How much is Barbra Streisand?

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Barbra Streisand net worth:
$370 Million
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Her mother assured her that with her nose, she would never become an actress. Her step-father called her “ugly,” but the Jewish girl from Brooklyn used her voice to get succeed. Now she has a total net worth of $370million.

Her mother took her to auditions when she was a child, but she was not much support for her self-esteem: her mother always told her that she was too much weird and skinny. That she was not enough beautiful to be an actress. She also told her that she would better become a “typist”

Early life.

She was born on April 24th, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother was Diana Ida Rosen, and her father was Emmanuel Streisand. Her mother was a soprano singer, although she later became a school secretary. Her father was a school teacher where he met her future wife and Barbra’s mother.

She was raised in the bosom of a Jewish family; Her paternal grandparents emigrated from Galicja (Poland – Ukraine) and her maternal grandparents from Russia.

When Barbra was fifteen months old her father died suddenly from complications of an epilepsy attack, possibly as a result of a brain injury. She has an older brother, Sheldon, and a step-sister, Roslyn Kind who is also a singer, of her mother’s new marriage to Louis Kind in 1949.


She began her education at Brooklyn Jewish Orthodox Yeshiva when she was five. She then entered Public School 89, also in Brooklyn. From 1955, she attended Erasmus Hall High School where she joined the choir in the first year and the Choral Club, where she sang with her classmate, Neil Diamond. In 1957 summer, she had her first experience on stage at the Malden Bridge theater in New York. She worked at nights at Cherry Lane Theater in Greenwich Village as an assistant backstage.

Career on Show Business.

After completing her high school studies in 1959, she moved to Manhattan, despite her mother’s entreaties that she should not enter the entertainment world. She rented a small apartment on 48th Street, and she accepted any job and tried to take advantage of any opportunity offered in the rounds she made for the casting offices.

She suppressed the second A to her name to annoy her detractors, and she was considered as the person with the most beautiful voice on the planet. Her Broadway debut was in 1962 with “I Can Get It for You Wholesale” which she had a success that allowed her to sign with Columbia Records in 1963.


Although she just gained her first success in Broadway in 1964 with the musical “Funny Girl” that she made her gain her second Tony nomination. She won an Oscar with the film version of the same play in 1968.

For three more decades, Streisand was at the head of stardom as both actress and singer.

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Barbra Streisand

Singer, Actress, Filmmaker, Songwriter
Date of Birth
Apr 24, 1942(81 years old)
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