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Tiziano Ferro

How much is Tiziano Ferro?

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Tiziano Ferro net worth:
$110 Millions
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Tiziano ferro is a great Italian Singer born 21th febrary 1980 in the city of Latina Lazio. He is worldwide known for his pop music in several languages like, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English. The last Year his Net Worth was 11 Million Dollars.

Talking about his abilities he has written a couple of albums like: Alla mia Età, L’amore e una cosa semplice, and 111 the latest release in 2015 was TZN: The Best of Tiziano Ferro. Eventually he writes some for other artist like Giusy ferreri, and Baby-K.

His latest collaboration was with the singer Baby k with the song “Killer” a great hit all around europe.

His career since 2001 so far has been very successful; his first Album was Rosso Relativo and now he is the currently face of the pop music in Italy. His popularity has grown until reach All Europe and Latin-American.

Ferro yearly earnings are about 1.3 million dollars from his endorsement and sponsorship.

The 36 years old artist is also known after Ricky Martin for speak openly about his sexual tendencies and his homosexuality.

His annual Profits in the last three years are:

  • 2015 = 4 Million Dollars
  • 2014 = 3.4 Million Dollars
  • 2013 = 2.8 Million Dollars


If we make some numbers, it reveals his yearly earning, about 500.000 $ per year.

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Tiziano Ferro

Composer, Singer, Producer
Date of Birth
Feb 21, 1980(44 years old)
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