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A Millionaire voice: Adam Levine

How much is A Millionaire voice: Adam Levine?

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A Millionaire voice: Adam Levine net worth:
$53 Millions
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Adam Levine with an unmistakable voice and his incredible band: Maroon 5 are a money maker machine, until now in the 2016 his fortune has raised up to the sum of 133 million dollars and leaving him 53 million net.

If we catch up with Adam since he started in 2002 we will find the Maroon 5 album called Songs about Jane, it was a critical success for the band they sell about nine million copies, it was a great financial hit that left him 1.8 million dollars into his bank account.  Then where all the money comes?

The Voice:  This Show joined Levin in 2011 as a judge, and since then has participated in more than 229 episodes if we make some calculations at 100.000$ each episode we can realize his 22 millions added to this in the last year 2015 and 2016 he earned another almost 10 million per year, this leave us the huge sum of 41 million dollars from the show.

In his past 4 concert tours he earned almost 26 million and with his album sales the figure rises to 3.4 million dollars and more than 5 millions from YouTube videos.

The final figure is 133 million dollar before tax and estimated expenses.

The Net Worth of Adam and his Voice is 53 Million Dollars

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A Millionaire voice: Adam Levine

Singer, Entertainer
Date of Birth
Mar 18, 1979(44 years old)
American (USA)
5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Adam Noah Levine, Sharky, Adam, Maroon 5
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