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David Letterman

How much is David Letterman?

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David Letterman net worth:
$425 Million
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David Letterman is a television host and comedian, who has recently retired from T.V, and who currently net worth is $425 million.

On April 12th, 1947, he was born in Broad Ripple, an Indianapolis neighborhood in the United States, David Michael Letterman, known worldwide as David Letterman. His parents were Harry Joseph Letterman, who died in 1973, and Dorothy Mengering. When he went to primary school, he became known among the rest of the students as “the class clown”, amusing all the other students.

His beginnings.

After completing his secondary studies, he entered Ball State University, where he graduated in 1960. In 1969, he married Michelle Cook. In the year 1970 he became the weather man, being at the same time, television host, task that exerts during four years.

In 1974 he became a radio announcer, until 1975. During that time, Letterman began to work as a screenwriter for several television programs, such as “The Poetic Look Times” or “Good Times”.

The Johnny Carson Show.

Letterman was already beginning to know at that time for having a very sarcastic and unusual humor, which made a scout of the program “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” chose him for Johnny Carson to interview him on his show.

David Letterman Late Show.

At the beginning of the 80’s, David already had his own program on NBC, which is called “David Letterman’s program” and won two Grammy Awards. Two years later, it was given to him a late program, which he called “Late Night with David Letterman”, and his first guest was Bill Murray. In that first program, he was a little nervous, which has been overcoming over time, becoming one of the most ironic interviewers in the United States.


In 1988, Letterman began to be harassed by Margarita Maria Ray, persecution that ends of tragic way when she committed suicide, in 1998.

At the beginning of the 90s, the famous host Johnny Carson ended up his career, being replaced by Jay Leno, although it was speculated at the beginning that it would be David Letterman who would replace him.

These two hosts competed for the nightly audience in the same time slot, winning since 1990s by Letterman, although there were some years in which it had been Leno who gained more popularity in his network channel.

His health and retirement.

In 2000 a routine Letterman checkup revealed an obstruction in a coronary artery, which made it necessary to be admitted urgently. The consequence was that he had to be operated five times and install a bypass.

Arriving at CBS in August 1993, he created, produced and directed Late Show with David Letterman for 22 years until May 20th, 2015. During that time, with his production company Worldwide Pants he produced the comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond and created The Late Late Show franchise.

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David Letterman

TV Host, Comedian
Date of Birth
Apr 12, 1947(77 years old)
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