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Dustin Hoffman

How much is Dustin Hoffman?

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Dustin Hoffman net worth:
$50 Million
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Dustin Hoffman is an American actor who works on films, plays and television shows. He currently has a net worth of $50 million. Dustin Lee Hoffman was born on August 8th, 1937 in Los Angeles, California (USA). Being the second son of Lillian Gold (her family name) and Harry Hoffman.

His father worked as a decorator on the Columbia Pictures support set before becoming a furniture salesman. Hoffman was named in honor of the silent film actor Dustin Farnum. His older brother, Ronald, is a lawyer and an economist. The Hoffman family is an Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant from Kiev (Ukraine) and Iasi (Romania).


In New York, Hoffman had to do some unconventional work for a living. He once got a small role in a movie for television, and for a summer he toured with a second-rate theater company. He became discouraged, so he dedicated to teaching for a while.

Finally, in 1960, it was offered to him a role in a play, and the following year performed in another play. Despite this, he did not have enough income, so he did all kinds of jobs again. For several years, he left the theater and enrolled in the famous interpretation school Actor’s Studio, where he trained in “method acting.”

A turn.

In 1967, everything changed for Dustin Hoffman. He got his first role in the cinema, although it was small, and he also intervened in a theatrical comedy. where Mike Nichols saw him, and offered him the lead role in The Graduate. Although he was thirty years old, Hoffman was very convincing as a young man who had just finished his university studies.

He got an Oscar nomination and became a very popular actor, especially in around youth audience. Only two years later, Hoffman repeated the success, when he intervened with Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, film for which he obtained his second nomination to the Academy Award.

Other successful films.

The following films that Hoffman did were mostly outstanding hits. His performances were just as good in comedic roles as in dramatic roles. With the films Kramer Vs. Kramer, and Rain Man, he won Oscars as a best actor in a leading role. In 1974 he returned to the theater, and he also reaped successes. He has taken part in films and miniseries for television, although his priority has always been cinema.

Far from disfavoring him, his short height (which sometimes causes him to be confused with another actor with similar size Al Pacino) confers an additional charm to his performances. Dustin Hoffman makes his starring debut in television in 2011 with the HBO series ‘Luck’ focused on Horse racing world.

Personal life.

He married Anne Byrne in May 1969 and adopted Karina (born in 1966), Byrne’s daughter from a previous marriage, and she had his daughter Jenna (born October 15, 1970). The couple divorced in 1980 and remarried to businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen in October of that same year.

They had four children: Jacob Edward (1981) the oldest, then the second one, Rebecca Lillian (1983), the third one Maxwell Geoffrey (1984), and the youngest Alexandra Lydia (1987). All the children of his second marriage had their bat mitzvah.

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Dustin Hoffman

Date of Birth
Aug 08, 1937(86 years old)
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