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Walter O’Brien

How much is Walter O’Brien?

Worth? in Businessmen
Walter O’Brien net worth:
$10 Millions
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Walter O`Brien an Irish Businessman; Information Technologist, media personality and computer security expert, is the founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services. This very smart and successful man was born in February 24, 1975 and the television program of CBS Scorpion is based on him and his story. He is also known for claiming to have one of the highest IQs registered ever and claim to have hacked into NASA Servers at his 13 years old; the authenticity of their statements have been the subject of press speculation since he became to the light until now

Walter O`Brien Net Worth is about 10 Million Dollars at age 13 he started his development of security services for Multinationals, He graduated from the Sussex University as Information Technologist and now he serves as CEO of Scorpion Computer Services. He also participate in the 1993 Olympics and he claim to rise up until the six place.

Scorpion series is TV show based on his life, in September 2014 was its debut in CBS. He work as executive producer of the series, and regularly contributes to the development of history. The idea of this project became from O`Brien actually and his target is attracting more geniuses for his company.

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Walter O’Brien

Information Technologist, media personality and computer security expert
Date of Birth
Feb 24, 1975(47 years old)
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