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Serena Williams

How much is Serena Williams?

Worth? in Athletes
Serena Williams net worth:
$150 Million
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Along with her elder sister Venus, Serena Williams has occupied most of sports news worldwide since she has got into WTA tournaments about a decade ago. Now she is again #1 rank after beating her sister in the final match in Australia last week. This was the first Grand Slam of the year, so maybe the best is yet to come.

Serena has a net worth of $150 million, but the best of her is what she has done for tennis to make it attractive to everyone.

Early years.

Serena Williams was born on September 26th, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. She is the fifth children of her parents Richard and Oracene Williams, who divorced in 2001. She is not as tall as her sister Venus, although she has more power in her serve, as well as better muscle development that were built after many hours of weightlifting at the gym.

The family lived in Long Beach, at the east zone of Los Angeles until unexpectedly, her father who wanted Venus and Serena were professional tennis players, moved the whole family to Compton, a hermetic ghetto located in the city center, with the purpose that both in four or five years would have the chance to grow in a tough environment.

When Venus had already two years playing tennis in endless training sessions, Serena started to play who did not stop watching closely her elder sister’s progression who at the age of 11 had already won 63 matches in a road in regional tournaments. Her manager and trainer was her own father until 1991 he decided to hired an expert called Rick Macci who was a remarkable stars-maker set in Florida where the family could start living thanks to a first contract with an important sportswear brand.

The promotion to the professional circuit.

Serena made some progress at her sister’s shadow who became a professional player in 1994 at the age of 14 with certain success. She followed her in 1995, although she did not do it consecutively until 1997, after her sister reached the final match of the United States Open that lost against Martina Hingis.

In 1999 Serena won her first Grand Slam when she won the US Open even before her sister. This was the first time an African-American tennis player to win the tournament since 1958 when Althea Gibson won the finals.  Venus also won another tournament in Paris that day. on April 5th both sister reached top ten, and then, they both won the Federation Coup and the French Open playing doubles.

Grand Slam Queen.

On July 2002, after beating Venus in Wimbledon, she reached number 1 at WTA in a moment where she already had 16 titles in International circuits.

Since then, Serena Williams has become the most important female tennis player on the 21ST century after winning the most important Grand Slam in the world, along with other important tournament like the Federation Coup for her country.

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Serena Williams

Professional Tennis Player
Date of Birth
Aug 26, 1981(42 years old)
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