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Tom Cruise

How much is Tom Cruise?

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Tom Cruise net worth:
$484 Million
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Tom Cruise Net Worth $484 million

Tom Cruise is an American actor who was born in Syracuse, New York on June 3th, 1962. He is 5 ft. 7 in tall, and his current Net Worth is $484 million.

Personal Life

Cruise was born in New York, Syracuse: His parents are Thomas, who was an electrical engineer, and Mary Lee, who was a special education teacher. He has three sisters, Lee Anne, Marian, and Cass. His decedents are German, Irish and English.

He spent a lot of his childhood in Canada, his family moved to Ottawa in 1971. The first time that Tom became involved in drama was in fourth grade, his teacher of drama was George Steinburg, and the play was called IT.

In sixth grade, Tom assist to the Henry Munro Middle School, but in spring of that year his parents got divorced and his mother, his sisters, and he moved to the United States. Thomas, his father, died of cancer in the year 1984.

Before he knows that his passion was acting, Tom attended to Franciscan Seminary in Ohio and want to be a Catholic priest.


Tom set for himself a deadline of 10 years to build an acting career. That’s why he left the school and moved into his hometown in New York. The struggling through audition was very hard before he makes a role in Endless Love with the starring of Brooke Shields. At the same time he was called to play a small role in the military school Taps.

That role in Taps was upgraded after Harold Baker, who was the director of the drama, saw Tom’s potential, and the performance of the actor caught the attention that he was looking for in a lot of critic’s. Two years later, he appeared in The Outsiders.

His next film, maybe the one who all remember, was Risky Business, the film grosses $65 million, and also made Tom a highly recognizable actor. Three years later, he was confirmed to play a part in a big-budget film, Top Gun.

After Top Gun, the critics love Tom Cruise, and that followed a big career like we all know now. His participation in the biopic Born on the Fourth of July, earned him an Oscar and a Golden Globe as Best Actor.

Net Worth

The Net worth of Tom Cruise is expected to grow a 130%. With the creation of the cinematic universe of monsters call “The Dark Universe” and the next film of Mission Impossible, his growth will be big.

He has an impressive car collection starting by a black Porsche 911, Bugatti Veyron, Chevelle SS, Mercedes CLK. Also, he has two flights, an Aviat – Pitts S-2B, and a Guldstream.

After his separation with his sixth year’s wife Katie Homes, he is currently looking for a home. He sold his apartment in New York for $3 million in 2013.

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Tom Cruise

Actor, Producer
Date of Birth
Jun 03, 1962(62 years old)
5 ft. 7 in.
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