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Paul McCartney

How much is Paul McCartney?

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Paul McCartney net worth:
$1.2 Billion
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Paul McCartney is maybe the most successful musician in the history of music. He has influenced many other artist from more than 5 decades that even other artist like Sean Puff Daddy and Rihanna did not miss the opportunity to feature with him two years ago. He has had the chance to do whatever he has wanted in music. From being part of the most important band in the history, to compose and sing some of the classics from the 20th and 21st centuries.


James Paul McCartney was born and raised in the English city of Liverpool on June 18th, 1942. Since he was a little kid, he showed great interest in music by seeing his father who played the bass in a local jazz band. His father Jim McCartney was also a firefighter, and his mother Mary Patricia was a midwife at a Liverpool hospital.

When he was a kid, his father gave him a trumpet, but he realized he could not sing and play at the same time, so he decided to start playing the guitar instead. He has a younger brother, Michael who has a very strong relationship with him.

Paul was an excellent student at Liverpool Institute. Every day, when he took the bus for going to school, he shared seats with another guy who was studying at the same place. Despite that kid was in lower grade, they both had good connections since they both played the guitar. His name was George Harrison, who later was also his partner in music.

Saint Peter’s Church.

On July 6th, 1957 he attended to a gig organized by the church to see a local band called The Quarrymen in which a member of the band invited him to see their performance, and introduced him the leader of the band John Lennon. Since that moment, he joined the band and they started to begin some of the best music partnership in the history.

The Beatles.

After the Quarrymen, and the incorporation of George Harrison to the band, this group had different names. The became “Johnnie and the Moondogs” The Beat Brothers” “The Silver Beatles” and finally, “The Beatles” who later joined Pete Best on drums, and Stuart Sutcliffe on the bass.

In 1960, they went to play to Hamburg, Germany in local pubs, where they played some American Rock n’ Roll music from some of the artists such as; Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, among others, but at the same time, John and Paul wrote their own music, and they performed with good acceptance.

Cavern Club.

Back in Liverpool, they played in a very popular place called “Cavern Club” where they were claimed by young people. A local record store owner called Brian Epstein heard about them, and signed a contract.


They went to London and signed a contract with Parlophone, whose director and producer was George Martin. Weeks before they signed, they decided to substitute Pete Best for Ringo Starr, and they recorded their first album “Please Please Me” Today, they have become in real legends, and Paul McCartney total Net worth is $1.2 billion and growing!

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Paul McCartney

Date of Birth
Jun 18, 1942(81 years old)
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