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Mickey Rourke

How much is Mickey Rourke?

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Mickey Rourke net worth:
$15 Million
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Mickey Rourke is an actor from New York, who has a total net worth of $15 million. Philip Andre Michael Rourke Jr. (Schenectady, New York, September 16th, 1952), better known as Mickey Rourke, is an American actor, screenwriter and former boxer, who has appeared mainly as a protagonist in action movies, drama and suspense.

Early childhood.

Rourke was born in Schenectady, New York, he is the son of Annette, whose maiden name was Cameron- and Philip Andre Rourke, Mr. He was raised under the catholic religion and still practicing today. His father was of Irish and German descent, and his mother of Scottish French, English and german descent. His father, an amateur bodybuilder, left the family when Rourke was six years old. After his parents divorced, his mother married a police officer in Miami Beach with five children, and moved with Rourke and his brothers, Joey and Patricia to the south of Florida.

Career. Beginnings as a boxer.

During his adolescence, Rourke was focused mainly in sports. He began a personal defense training at the Miami Boys Club, and it was there where he learned to box and decided to devote himself to it. At the age of 12, he won his first boxing match in the flyweight category.

The first few times, he fought under the name of Phil Rourke. He continued his training as a boxer in the 5th Street Gym of Miami Beach, Florida. In 1969, weighing 63.5 kg, he then fought a short round against the world Welterweight champion Luis Rodriguez.

At that time Rodriguez training with the world champion Nino Benvenuti. Rourke claimed to have suffered a concussion as a result of his fight with Rodriguez. In the Golden Gloves in Florida in 1971, Rourke suffered another concussion during a boxing match. After doctors’ order taking a year of rest away from boxing, Rourke temporarily retired from the ring.

First acting works.

In 1971, during their last year in high school, Rourke had a small role in a play of the institute called The Serpent. However, his interests were directed toward the boxing and did not appear in any other production of the institution. Shortly after he temporarily left boxing, a friend of the University of Miami mentioned to Rourke in a work that was directing, Deathwatch, and that one of the actors had left the production. Rourke got that role and immediately became interested in acting.


Rourke film debut in a brief role in the 1941 war film by Steven Spielberg. He played Ritchie, Dennis Christopher’s colleague in the 1980’s Slasher of Fade to Black. However, it was in 1981, for his performance as a pyromaniac in “Body Heat”, which Rourke received attention for the first time, in spite of the moderate appearance on the screen of his character.

The Wrestler.

In 2008, he starred in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. A film that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, on Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a professional wrestling in decline. For his character, Rourke trained with former WWE wrestler Afa Anoaʻi, and received a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe and an Independent Spirit, as well as a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

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Mickey Rourke

Actor, Screenwriter, Former boxer
Date of Birth
Sep 16, 1952(71 years old)
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