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Conor McGregor

How much is Conor McGregor?

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Conor McGregor net worth:
$22 Million
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Conor McGregor is an Irish Martial Arts fighter whose estimated net worth is $22 million. Conor McGregor story is one of those movie scripts that would be for sure one of those blockbusters with the same ease that this fighter has torn down all the barriers he has faced so far. An overcoming story. He lived by receiving one of those Irish charity checks when four years later entering on the Forbes lists where he rubs shoulders with the best-paid athletes on the planet.

‘The Notorious’ is undoubtedly the biggest star of mixed martial arts and the most profitable fighter of the UFC, the sporting company with the highest growth in the world, but his life was never so simple and he was full of obstacles that he has overcome thanks to his girlfriend’s support.

His childhood.

The scarcity of money was the daily life of a family that never had a luxurious life. Thus, the Irish fighter left his studies at an early age and began to learn the trade of his father: plumbing. His father did not want him to do his trade, but for a few years he had no choice.

Between fixing, McGregor was going through the dream he had always had since he was a child. He wanted to be a football player, unconditional fan of Manchester United, and he was close to getting it. When he was 22 years old, he was part of Yellowstone, a football team now known as Stanaway Celtic.

Football Star.

He was the star of the team. Actually, he was the striker of the team and he was considered by his head coach David Glennon as the best player of the team. His football career was increasing until he decided to take Martial Arts more seriously.

From being Bullied to becoming a UFC Champion.

Conor McGregor suffered bullying during high school. Being lower and weaker than his classmates, he suffered from bullying. That is why at the age of 16, he started in the discipline of Mixed Martial Arts with the sole intention of defending himself against abusers. He could get an amateur boxing championship, he then learnt Mixed Martial Arts in which he stuck to it every day. his trainers saw in him a great potential, but he was not constant in his training, until 2008, few times later after his professional debut.

He surprised everyone with the great technique varieties he uses, and the company Cage Warriors set on him. Conor McGregor could not only win a championship, but he actually won two which showed them at the same time, in featherweight and lightweight.

His girlfriend, his best support.

His lifelong girlfriend relied on his chances of becoming world champion. They have been together for more than eight years and she appears constantly at her side as her motor and main support, as when he became the featherweight champion of the UFC.

Now the fighter has the world at his feet. It has entered in the Forbes list, which appears the best paid athletes of the planet, and he is considered the greater icon of the fashion in Ireland in the last 20 years.




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Conor McGregor

Mixed Martial Arts proffesional
Date of Birth
Jul 14, 1988(36 years old)
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