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Jennifer Aniston

How much is Jennifer Aniston?

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Jennifer Aniston net worth:
$130 Million
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Jennifer Aniston, born February 11, 1969, got her desire for performance from her family. Her godfather was Telly Savalas, the actor who gave life to “Kojak”, and her father John Aniston was very well known for his role on the TV series “Days of Our Lives”.

At the age of eleven, Jennifer had her future very clear. She knew she wanted to be an actress. She registered at the Rudolf Steiner School of Arts, and there she thrived. Her wonderful secret was to go out to the stage and not feel a bit of stage fright.

TV was the media that made the young actress finally become famous. Then, she received the award organized by Rolling Stone magazine as the “The Best Hair in America” due to her long and great wavy mane that conquered the producers of Friends. Interestingly, the producers had originally intended Jennifer to play the role of Monica at first, but then thanks to a suggestion by the actress herself, they decided on the role of Rachel.

But she did not limit her success to that sitcom. Jennifer Aniston was successful at making the crossover to the big screen, and she interpreted different romantic roles that filmmakers have offered to her. All the love manifested by her characters in movies have not shadowed the real Jennifer Aniston. She married, truly in love, in 2000 to one of the most attractive actors of the last decade: Brad Pitt. Although he would famously leaver her for Angelina Jolie years later.

With a total net worth of $130 million, this woman of Greek heritage (her real last name is Anastassakis), later divorced Pitt and married Justin Theroux. Jennifer Aniston has never stopped working since. She made different romantic and comedy films, such as Bruce Almighty (2003), Marley and Me (2008), Just Go with it (2011) and Horrible Bosses (2011). Each of those films have grossed over $200 million worldwide.

This workaholic actress never stops doing films and it seems to be paying off handsomely.

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Jennifer Aniston net worth

Jennifer Aniston

Date of Birth
Feb 11, 1969(55 years old)
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