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Jamie Foxx

How much is Jamie Foxx?

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Jamie Foxx net worth:
$100 Million
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Jamie Foxx whose real name is Eric Bishop, was born in Terrell, Texas, on December 13th, 1967. His mother Louis Anette was an adopted girl, a biographic feature that curiously was repeated on Jamie. His grandparents took care and raised him. Mark and Esther Talley were in charge of little Eric when his parents divorced. The actor to be was only 7 months old.

His childhood.

Since he was a little boy, Foxx receive a careful musical formation. It was not in vain that Mark and Esther were devoted to Soul and Funk. In that way, little Eric Bishop grew up listening to Marvin Gaye, and Lionel Richie. Apart from singing, on the church choir and cheered by his grandmother, he took piano lessons since he was 4 years old.

The kid grew up in a very healthy environment. He was a disciplined boy scout, and he soon began to excel in golf that he used to practice in segregationist golf course at Country Club, and Football. He even gained certain notoriety as quarterback at College team during that time, he occasionally played the piano in Jam Sessions that were held in Jazz clubs in nearby Terrell.


As early as adolescence, Foxx demonstrated a great facility for verbal gag. One of his professors in the institute frequently used his jokes when students were bored. In 1986 he enrolled at the International University of Alliant, where he moved to the University of San Diego in 1988 to perfect his music studies. He also felt passion for acting, and his comedian talent was soon unveiled.

King of Comedy.

In 1991, Foxx participated in the sitcom in Living Color, program in which also would be performed future comedians of resounding success in the cinema industry such as Jim Carrey or Wayans brothers. Only a year later his debut on the big screen came. It was in Toys, directed by Barry Levinson and starring by another great comedy actor, Robin Williams.

Warner offered Foxx a great opportunity, which he did not miss: a show of his own. The Jamie Foxx Show. The actor from Texas became in a big celebrity throughout United States, but it was cinema that made Jamie Foxx to pass in the history of acting.

Consolidation as actor.

In 1999, he was directed by Oliver Stone in Any Given Sunday. His first film performing a serious character in many years. He played the role of a football quarterback which was very familiar to him. He also was in charge of composing the soundtrack of the film.

Director Michael Mann gave him the part of Drew Brown. Muhammad Ali’s counselor in the film Ali whose main role was made by Will Smith.

When director Taylor Hackford began filming Ray, Foxx’s next film work after playing alongside Tom Cruise in the action film Collateral, the actor had already been interviewed on many occasions with vocalist Ray Charles. This biofilm made him win an Academy Award as best actor, while he was also nominee in a supporting role for Collateral that year. He has a net worth of $100 million.


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Jamie Foxx

Date of Birth
Dec 13, 1967(56 years old)
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