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Edgar Ramirez

How much is Edgar Ramirez?

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Edgar Ramirez net worth:
$5 Million
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Edgar Ramirez is a Venezuelan actor whose Net Worth is $5million. He was born in San Cristobal (Venezuela) on March 25th, 1977. His childhood passed in many countries, which allowed him to learn and speak fluently English, German, Italian, and French. Apart from his maternal language Spanish. Edgar studied social communication at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas where he started to explore his artistic facet by performing in students’ short films.


In 2000, before he dedicated fully to acting, Edgar was the executive director of a political campaign called “Dale al Voto” (Give to Vote), that was looking to promote democratic values on youth, and it was sponsored by a Venezuela NGO.

In 2002, he became famous in his country by interpreting a character on a very popular Soap Opera called “Cosita Rica”. The name of the character was “Cacique” which means “Indian Chief”. The series was produced by one of the most important T.V channel in Venezuela, from September 2003, until August 2004, lasting 270 episodes.

During that time, two films were premiered in which he got the main role: “Yotama se va Volando” (Yotama goes flying), and “Punto y Raya” (Point and Border). The last one represented Venezuela for the Academy Awards (Oscar) that year.

After his debut on Venezuelan cinema, Edgar had a great opportunity in Hollywood. In 2005, he got the main part on the American film “Domino”, from the director Tony Scott, in which he interpreted Domino Harvey’s boyfriend (Keira Knightley)

Other films.

During 2006, two other films were premiered in Venezuela where Edgar Ramirez had the main characters. “El Don” (The Lord) by José Ramón Novoa, and “Plan B” by Alejandro Wiedemann.

In 2007, his internationalization as an actor was a consecrated fact: the whole world saw him performing the role of “Paz”, a killer that chases Matt Damon on, “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

In 2008, two great film projects were shown on the charts worldwide where the actor was the news once again: “Cyrano Fernández”, directed by Beto Arvelo, a Venezuelan filmmaker, in which he performed “Cyrano”, but he also had the chance to produce the film, and “Vantage Point”, a film directed by Pete Travis where she shared credits with Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega, and William Hurt.

From that point, Edgar Ramírez has made other ambitious and important projects for the Latin-American audience. “Che”, by Steven Soderbergh, and “Ilich: The Story of Carlos”, a film in which he performed the Venezuelan terrorist. He had the chance to work with the French director Olivier Assayas.

In 2013, the Venezuelan actor had the chance to portrayed the Venezuelan hero Simón Bolívar on the Hispanic-Venezuelan film “Libertador” (“The Liberator”); he also had a role on the film “Priest” by Ridley Scott. “The Counselor” with a celebrity cast led by Javier Bardem, and Michael Fassbender, which also included Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, among others.

Last year, he had the chance to portray the Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán on the film “Hands of Stones” with Robert De Niro.

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Edgar Ramirez

Date of Birth
Mar 25, 1977(46 years old)
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