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Denzel Washington

How much is Denzel Washington?

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Denzel Washington net worth:
$190 Million
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This actor, screenwriter, producer and director has an estimated net worth of $190 million. He has one of the most important actors in the industry during the last 2 decades.

Denzel Washington was born on December 28th, 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York. He is the second out of three siblings. His father was a Pentecostal minister and his mother was a hairdresser and former gospel singer. He soon started to stand out due to his height and appearance.

After graduation from High School, Denzel registered at Fordham University to study journalism, although he soon became attracted to acting, and he started to mix both. He began to perform in small theaters, and after he got his degree, he moved to San Francisco to register at American Conservatory Theater. After a year studying there, Denzel started to look job as an actor.

First Roles.

His good appearance as well as his effort made him open many doors, especially on television where he started to became the performer he is now. He made his debut on the big screen in the film Carbon Copy (1981), along with George Segal. From that moment, Washington did not leave television, and he started to work in both. He worked for six years as “Dr. Chandler” on the T.V series St. Elsewhere, and in 1989, he saw all his great effort rewarded when he won an academy award as a supporting actor for his role in Glory.


During that decade, Denzel Washington’s career had a great launch when he took part in big-budget productions, such as Malcom X (1992), directed by Spike Lee, Philadelphia (1993), along with Tom Hanks in the leading role, who confessed that working with Denzel was a unique experience. The Bone Collector (1994), or The Hurricane (1999), two of the greatest blockbusters that made his cache grow tremendously.

Second Academy Award.

His second Academy award was maybe the most expected and desired one for a Hollywood Star. It was this time as a best actor in a leading role in 2001 after his flawless role as a corrupt cop in the film Training Day. with already two Oscars in his collection, since 2006, Denzel Washington became the African-American actor with most nominations in the history of the Academy.

Personal life.

He has been married since 1983 with Paulette Pearson. The couple has become in one of the most solid marriage in Hollywood. The couple has four children: John David, Katia, and the twins Malcolm (to honor Malcolm X) and Olivia.

The family live in Los Angeles. Denzel Washington represents the paradigm of the versatile actor who has been involved either in big productions to more independent films. His coworkers have always highlighted his thoroughness. Denzel always prepares his characters, (in fact, he studied science in interpretation, and he still preserves some of his old habits of his career as a journalist) his desire for improvement has made him considered one of the best actors for his own partners.

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Denzel Washington

Date of Birth
Dec 28, 1954(69 years old)
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