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Yahoo Co-founder David Filo

How much is Yahoo Co-founder David Filo?

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Yahoo Co-founder David Filo net worth:
$2.6 Billion
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Everyone has heard of the famous Yahoo.com – even people who aren’t fans of technology have a vague idea that it’s used for email, news and searching the web. And although some people consider the site a little outdated compared to competitors like Google and Facebook, it’s still proving to be extremely popular… and profitable for one of its co-founders, David Filo, whose net worth is $2.6 billion.

Filo founded Yahoo along with Jerry Yang back in the 1990s at Stanford University. It was originally a simple (by today’s standards) web directory, and the original name of the site was “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. Eventually, the name was changed to Yahoo! and later, officially founded as Yahoo! Inc.

Filo was responsible for creating the server-side software behind the original Yahoo directory. He and his wife, Angela Buenning, have been philanthropic in the face of their financial success. Filo donated $30 million to Tulane University’s School of Engineering, where he earned his B.S. in computer engineering. He and his wife collectively founded the Yellow Chair Foundation, helped launch Stanford University’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, and helped create the K12 Start Fund. Clearly, education is something that is near and dear to their hearts (his wife, Angela, is a teacher by the way).

This Wisconsin native was a big dreamer and was one of the key people in the early 1990s who changed the way we think about technology and the internet. Yahoo! has now expanded and become much more than a web directory, although its search engine function is still widely used. Now you can use Yahoo for everything from email and chat, to watching your favorite stocks on the stock market, checking the news and weather, getting the latest sports highlights, and even seeing what movies are playing nearby.

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Yahoo Co-founder David Filo

Co-founder Yahoo! Inc.
Date of Birth
Apr 20, 1966(57 years old)
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