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Mickey Lacoste “Success Isn’t What You Think”

How much is Mickey Lacoste “Success Isn’t What You Think”?

Worth? in Businessmen
Mickey Lacoste “Success Isn’t What You Think” net worth:
$3.6 Million
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When entrepreneur Mickey Lacoste and his brother Romeo relocated to Los Angeles in 2013, the two became superstars instantly thanks to late-Video application Vine. Through comic relief, the 27-year-old turned fame into profit with creativity, targeted audience, and consistent content.

Mickey has had an extremely successful career and is still moving full steam ahead. He recently sat down with us to discuss his favorite branded work, his thoughts on the industry, and dispelled some noteworthy advice!

While known as a viral sensation, Mickey capitalized on his popularity to become a successful businessman. Knowledge in coding and tech development, Mickey created his own mobile application company, releasing the company’s first game, “Doggy Box”. Although Vine disabled, Mickey’s followers transferred to the rising star’s other social media accounts and helped his debut game accumulate 300,000 downloads in mere weeks.

Mikey thinks social media It’s a chance for brands to get outside of their comfort zone a bit and focus more on entertaining rather than selling. Great content is really effective at producing results. Influencers can help brands sell, without actually selling.

There are as many opinions as people; and everyone thinks that their way is the only right way, especially if they’re successful.

Don’t jump on every single platform out there. However, pay attention to where your customers are.

Impressive, lucrative, and curious, the success of Lacoste’s first game quickly led to a celebrity endorsed follow-up game featuring influential chart-topping recording artist Soulja Boy Tell’em, titled, “Beef with Soulja Boy”. Along with Soulja Boy, celebrities to follow include Ona and Taylor Alesia, both games achieving huge success. Conquering gaming, Mickey Lacoste began prepping for his next business venture, this time in the world of Fashion.

This fact presented a huge untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs. Since most of advertisers had their reasons not to be bothered with Vine, entrepreneurs who wanted to be heard could easily leverage Vine to broadcast their message in a very creative way.

In 2018, Mickey added streetwear to his portfolio with the creation of his own fashion brand, known as Section 8. Through the support of his established fanbase, Section 8 quickly became trendsetting due to its unique appeal and impressionable lifestyle. Section 8 gained influence through the support of today’s biggest celebrities including; Supermodel Bella Throne, recording artists Trippie Redd, Lil Skies, and Lil Xan. Transcending the brand from streetwear to high-end worldwide in less than a year.

Lacoste’s Section 8 has a high-profile capsule collaboration on the way with popular clothing brand Half Evil, available January 25th on the official Section 8 website.

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Mickey Lacoste

Mickey Lacoste “Success Isn’t What You Think”

Date of Birth
Dec 03, 1991(32 years old)
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