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Fashion Designer Renzo Rosso

How much is Fashion Designer Renzo Rosso?

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Fashion Designer Renzo Rosso net worth:
$3.2 Billion
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Renzo Rosso is an Italian fashion designer whose name might not be as familiar as, say, Gucci or Versace (although perfume lovers will likely recognize the name from his like of fragrances). But almost everyone has heard of at least one of the brands that operates under the parent company Rosso owns, OTB Group. Famous brands of his include Diesel, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs Men, and Viktor & Rolf, among others. He also founded the charitable foundation Only the Brave, and owns the Pelican Hotel in Miami Beach. Renzo Rosso’s net worth is $3.2 billion.

Rosso comes from humble beginnings in a small Italian village, where his parents were farmers. He went on to study Textile Manufacturing in school, and began designing jeans to sell to classmates. He paid his way through college, studying Economics at the University of Venice, working as a carpenter and mechanic. He dropped out before graduation.

Rosso met his mentor while working at the clothing company Moltex, and Rosso proved that he had a knack for the fashion business. Eventually, this led to his creation of the new clothing company DIESEL, a name that was chosen to present an image of being an “alternative” jeans brand, and because of its universal pronunciation that presented an image of a global brand.

Rosso’s designs are largely motivated by vintage apparel. He has said, “I don’t believe in the concept of new. An older object has more charm than a new one, so do the stores, even when they are new they must not look so.” Business Week magazine has called Rosso “one of the greatest marketing success stories in the fashion world.” He is constantly seen as a trendsetter, an innovator, and the perfect fit for the designers who work under OTB Group, where his hands-off management style lets designers stay true to their own creativity and aesthetic.

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Fashion Designer Renzo Rosso

Fashion designer
Date of Birth
Sep 15, 1955(68 years old)
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