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Stipe Miočić

How much is Stipe Miočić?

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Stipe Miočić net worth:
$5 Million
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He is the current heavyweight champion of the UFC.

There is much to say about the Croatian fighter and martial artist of the UFC, this fighter has been a great protagonist or even victim of brutal rounds in the octagon; fights that usually ends in TKO or by unanimous decision.

Among his biggest fights in the heavyweight class begins on June 14 of 2011 by signing his contract with the franchise. In his debut against the fighter Joey Beltran on October 8 of the 2011, where the big fight ends without a K.O. but with the unanimous decision by the judges in favor of Stipe, he starts to win some fame. Also a victory against Phil De Fries on February 6 of 2012, winning this fight in the first round thanks to a shocking K.O. which he received a prize of KO of the night.

The Croatian has also had dark days in his competition in the UFC, thanks a shocking TKO caused by the martial artist Stefan Struve which took place on September 29 of 2012. He had a brutal match against Gabriel Gonzaga, this fight served as a battle for redemption for his previous defeats, the confrontation against Gabriel Gonzaga was by unanimous decision, but the battle against Dos Santos made in December 13 of 2014 is lost by unanimous decision of the judges, and one of his hardest fights in his career.

On May 31, 2014 has a redeeming victory while fighting against Fabio Maldonado, which he won by a ruthless TKO, the frightening fighter of Croatian descent also, has a job as a firefighter in the state of Ohio and also a great job as physician coach in Valley View also located in the same state.

Stipe Miočić

He became the former heavyweight champion of the UFC by defeating Fabricio Werdum by KO in the first round, in May of 2016.

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Stipe Miočić

Stipe Miočić

Mixed Martial Artist
Date of Birth
Aug 19, 1982(41 years old)
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
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