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Roman Reigns

How much is Roman Reigns?

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Roman Reigns net worth:
$5 Million
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His real name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’I, is a professional WWE wrestler of Samoan descent, he was also a football player. Better known as Roman Reigns. Among his most notable achievements was 3-time world heavyweight champion in the WWE Championship and was the Maint event of WrestleMania 2 times in a row and is now the former champion of the WWE.

Born on 25 May 1985 in Pensacola, Florida in United States. His father and brother were also professional wrestlers. Before becoming a professional wrestler, Roman Reigns was dedicated to play football, he played in the NFL league until 2008 than retire from the sport. He graduated from administration in the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In 2010 he began his career as a professional wrestler after making a contract with the WWE, assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling under the name Leakee. He not performed very well in this competition. Later in 2012, he made his first appearance in NXT with the name of Roman Reigns debuting with a victory against CJ Parker.

In 2012, he made his first appearance at the Survivor Series with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose forming the group The Shield, who attacked Ryback while facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship. After the team disbanded The Shield, Roman Reigns  made his debut making an outstanding performances in the ring, fighting major wrestlers like John Cena, Sean Sheamus, The Rock, among others. Currently defeated Rusev, in the Raw on September 26. Managed to retain his title against Rusev.

Roman Reigns

After The Shield was dissolved, Reigns is the only one that retains much of the aesthetics of The Shield, including clothing, musical theme and ring entrance. Roman Reigns is a cousin of other professional wrestlers also of Samoan origin like The Rock, Yokozuna, among others.

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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Date of Birth
May 25, 1985(38 years old)
United States of America
1,91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Joe Anoa'i, Roman, Leakee, Roman Reigns
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