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Michael Bisping

How much is Michael Bisping?

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Michael Bisping net worth:
$4.5 Million
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This English fighter, Mixed Martial Artist and former champion of the light heavyweight division of Cage Rage. Is too much that can be counted of this fighter, starting that he has won “The Ultimate Fighter 3”, his history would have begun when he competed as an amateur fighter in “Knock Down Sport Budo”, at the age of 18 began with his formal studies in Japanese martial art of karate and then began with raids on the American kickboxing.

He went on to win titles in the northwest in the category of heavyweights. Thanks to his incredible skills with kickboxing, he had the opportunity to achieve to win 2 titles in kickboxing, but he had his days where he thought it was enough and time to mature and start having jobs that involved greater responsibility, so he got jobs in factories, abattoirs, working as a postman, plasterer and all kinds of work that could be considered petty or even working hand.

Once he decided to come back to his vocation as a mixed martial artist and started his real job in the UFC. He came to the competitions in April 19 of 2008 winning his fight by TKO against fighter Charles McCarthy, managed to injure his arm which cost him the fight, another great event was to defeat Jason Day on June 7 of 2008, winning by KO on the first round.

Michael Bisping

The same year where Bisping defeats Day also comes to defeat Chris Leben, where by unanimous decision judges give the victory in favor of Bisping. In 2009 he faces and loses against Dan Henderson, this fight finished in the 2nd round by a KO.

A new edition of this fight will be in the UFC 204 event where Bisping will defend his middleweight title.

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Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping

Mixed Martial Artist
Date of Birth
Feb 28, 1979(44 years old)
United Kingdom
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping, The Count
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