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Lewis Hamilton

How much is Lewis Hamilton?

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Lewis Hamilton net worth:
$280 Million
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Only time will put in context the all the exploits Lewis Hamilton has achieved during his first years in the turbo era. The superiority of these silver arrows, along with the extraordinary pilotage of the English, has made him one of the most feared in the history of Formula 1 racing. Lewis has not lost aggressiveness over time, but he has gained mental strength. He is the one who set the tempo in this discipline, and his capacity for psychological control is another perspective to see his status as a racecar driver.

Lewis Hamilton was born in Hertfordshire, England on January 7, 1985. His father is an immigrant from Grenada, and his mother Carmen made the greatest sacrifice a mother can ever make: she gave his father total custody of Lewis to allow him to follow his dream of being a racecar driver.

Lewis Hamilton started on karting thanks to his father’s effort. Anthony Hamilton financially supported his beginnings based on working extra hours as an employee in the London Subway System. Young Lewis opened his own path through these formative stages by breaking records and having success in winning races and trophies, such as the Super One British Cadet in Stevenage, in which he won first prize at the McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future in 1996, before repeating the same result in 1997.

It was during the award ceremony of that season that Ron Dennis spoke to him and told him he wanted him to join the McLaren, the historical Formula 1 team. This close relationship forged when the driver was only 13 explained the friendship they have had since Lewis joined the team and reached top status.

With a total net worth of $280 million, Lewis Hamilton is one of the best paid sports persons in the world. He has won three championships since he joined Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton has become one the best drivers to ever join the top category.

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Lewis Hamilton net worth

Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 racer
Date of Birth
Jan 07, 1985(39 years old)
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