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Kevin Levrone

How much is Kevin Levrone?

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Kevin Levrone net worth:
$2 Million
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Born in 1964, the bodybuilder Kevin Levrone is one of the most important bodybuilders who has been competing professionally since 1992, placing second on three occasions in the Mr. Olympia and winning twice the Arnold Classic. He competed at the Mr. Olympia 2016 at the age of 52.

Kevin Levrone has been involved in weight training for more than 35 years. When he was 12, he was initiated by his brothers and cousins, and before Kevin went to a gym, they were training at home for some years. During those early years, he competed in powerlifting and managed to make an impressive bench press 270 kg and 360 kg squat. Also carried by his friends to participate in a local physical competition in Blatimore, without a routine he came on stage and did some poses that gave him his first victory.

However, the life of this builder was not easy especially in his young age when he lacked of muscle mass to reach the goal that had arisen, but thanks to her determination could physically evolve and come to have a truly spectacular body plus an outstanding quality as a bodybuilder. Kevin genetics helped thanks to being above average something that today also happens with other elite bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman.

Kevin Levrone

For the new contest Kevin increase your repetitions in addition to making a serious diet and add traditional bodybuilding exercises, finishing second in the competition of Maryland, while thanks to rise six kg was able to win the Anápolis of AAU that conducted in 1990. Kevin continued training hard until he suffered a pectoral injury in 1993 by lifting 272 kg in bench press. He had surgery several times to correct the injury.

He currently serves as occasional actor and has declared that his is very difficult to walk all day with that weight, referring to his muscles.

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Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone

Bodybuilder, Actor, Musician, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth
Jul 16, 1964(60 years old)
6 ft (1.83 m)
Kevin Mark Levrone, Hollywood, Maryland Muscle Machine
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