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By el Sep 30, 2016 in Articles

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Thomas Wesley Pentz or better known with his on stage nickname Diplo was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in November 10th 1978 He is DJ song writer and Producer, He has dabbled in various genres like EDM, Moombahton, trap, dancehall, electro house and of course hip hop. He lives in Philadelphia where he had served as a schoolmaster. In 2005 he develop his own Label Mad Decent, his nickname comes for the fascination with the dinosaurs when he was a young child, to be more precise the Diplodocus. Diplo was nominated in the Grammy awards 2013 in the category: “producer of the year” He is now in the 20th position of the DJmag Magazine. The same year in collaboration with Skrillex he cofounder the project Jack Ü and he is also the cofounder and leader of the musical project also known as Mayor Lazer.

Diplo Net Worth is about 15 Million Dollars, The financial success of this DJ is because his different capacities in the world of music. In 2013 diplo release his EP with the title “Revolution” and reach a great hottest position in the billboard top 200 list. Diplo net worth is a quite big but in all this success he also cofounder the non-profit organization called Heaps Decent.

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