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Ariel Winter wears the same dress as Kylie Jenner

By el Sep 20, 2016 in Articles

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The Modern Family actress wore on the red carpet at the Emmy’s Awards the same dress a few days ago the little of the Kardashian use. The Social networks took the match to attack her physique.

The young Actress of Modern Family, Ariel Winter, appeared on the red carpet in a nude dress studded with crystals, and soon numerous media and tweeters realized that it was the same design as a few days ago had led Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters.

The Arab designer Yousef Al Jasmi is the author of this semi-transparent design that has conquered both celebrities. Although to be faithful to the truth, they did not choose exactly the same version. While Winter pattern down to the foot and had an opening in the leg, while Jenner chose a dress to attend the Fashion Week in New York shorter than the Ariel Winter. The first combined it with simple sandals metallized and Kim Kardashian’s sister gave a much more casual look with a denim jacket.

Ariel Winter

Beyond the coincidence, many tweeters have taken advantage of the situation to criticize Ariel Winter by “copying” Kylie Jenner and, incidentally, for her physique, calling her “fat”. It is not the first time the actress is facing harsh comments for being a girl with curves. A week ago, the actress who plays the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family, used her Instagram account to report cyberbullying to which it is subjected.

The actress wrote:

Every time someone harasses me online, I get the chance to make a clear view to my fans, and even to me, how important it is accepting oneself. Those who say such harsh things in my Instagram, thank you for this opportunity; but every time I read cruel comments, I wonder if that is how they talk to a stranger, I don’t want to imagine how bad they are to themselves.

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