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Tina Fey

How much is Tina Fey?

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Tina Fey net worth:
$65 Million
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Tina Fey is an American actress, comedian, producer, and entertainer who has a net worth of $65 million. Elizabeth Stamatina Fey was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on May 18th, 1970. She is better known as Tina Fey. Her father’s name is Don Fey, who has German and Scottish ascendants, while her mother is Greco-American.


After Fey graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A in drama in 1992, she moved to Chicago, working at a YMCA during the day and taking courses at The Second City at night. She performed what she would later call an “amateur” attempt at stand-up comedy, and she learned that the key to improvisation is “focus on your partner.” It was during this time that she met her husband, Jeff Richmond, whom she married in 2001 and with whom she has a daughter, Alice Zenobia.

Saturday Night Live.

Her great professional opportunity came in 1995, when she was recommended to enter the team of writers of the celebrated television show “Saturday Night Live”, a show that started in 1975. Tina wrote a 10-page test and a week later, she had the job. That the girl was starting to stand out was clear: she was 25 years old, and she was the only creative woman on the show.

Five years later, when she already widely tanned in her work, she expanded her prestige when she was chosen as the first scriptwriter of the TV movie that commemorated the 25th anniversary of the show, on Saturday Night Live 25. She was the first woman to do so throughout the program’s history, and she also debuted as an interpreter in that season.

Her debut in cinema.

In 2002, she made a brief appearance in the comedy Martin & Orloff, and in 2004 she kept the role well as an institute teacher in the teen comedy Mean Girls, whose main characters were performed by Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Tina Fey continues to gradually increase film productions.

Thus, she starred in the comedy Baby Mama (2008), with her friend Amy Poehler, and she was part of the cast of the most hilarious, The Invention of Lying (2009), starring by another prestigious comedian Ricky Gervais.

Rockefeller Plaza.

Then came her moment of glory, when she premiered into the production of the sitcom Rockefeller Plaza, which she also writes and stars. As it is known the series narrates the vicissitudes of Liz Lemon’s working daily life, the boss of screenwriters of a television program at NBC network.

The series focuses mainly on the peculiar relations with her boss Jack Donaghy, interpreted by a hilarious Alec Baldwin. Among the numerous awards, this series has won three Emmys, and the two Golden Globes to Tina Fey, and the three Golden Globes to Alec Baldwin.

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Tina Fey

Actress, comedian, producer
Date of Birth
May 18, 1970(54 years old)
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