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Jackie Chan

How much is Jackie Chan?

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Jackie Chan net worth:
$395 Million
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Jackie Chan is a martial artist, and stuntman who estimated net worth is $395 million. Chan Kong-sang was born on April 7th, 1954 in British Hong Kong. His parents worked in the French embassy: his father as a cook while his mother was a housekeeper.

In order to strengthen the character of his son, they decided that he learned from a very young age kung Fu. Later in 1961 when his father was appointed chief cook in the US embassy in Australia, Chan stayed in Hong Kong, and he was enrolled in the Opera school of Beijing. He studied for ten years under a strong discipline, tutoring by who which would be years later his movie partner, Sammo Hung. he had to endure up to 19 hours of training and study daily.

First films.

One day someone offered him a job as a film specialist. At the age of nineteen, he was double-cast Yuen Long in credits – in Fist of Fury (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973), both starring by Bruce Lee. Before turning twenty, Jackie Chan had already participated in more than 25 productions and happened to be coordinator of specialists and doubles.

Chan’s own style.

In 1973 Bruce Lee died, and he emerged as his replacement at the audience’s eyes, something he did not like too much. So he decided to change registration and adopt a more comical style, like the American Buster Keaton. When he started to really win. In the late 1970s, Chan dared as a scriptwriter, director and producer, so he gained more control over the final outcome of many of his films. The Young Master (1980), directed by himself, marked the tone of his later filmography: an effective mix of comedy, action and traditional martial arts.

In 1978, with the filming of The Drunken Monkey in the Tiger’s eyes, Chan made a tribute to the Taoist martial art called Kung Fu of drunken monkey or Kung Fu drunken style, also known as the Kung Fu of the eight drunken immortals or “Tsui pa Tsien, “this style is considered as his martial art base. Since it includes numerous maneuvers of falls, moving blows, bearings and acrobatics.

Conquering Europe and America.

Chan was gradually conquering Asian and European audiences with titles such as Project A (1983), Wheels on Meals (1984) (recorded in Spain) or Jackie Chan’s Police Story (1985). Until 1996, when he had a blockbuster in the United States with Riot in the Bronx, an adventure in which faced a gang of thugs in the Bronx. The success was repeated two years later with Rush Hour and Jackie Chan happened to become the most successful Asian actor in Hollywood.


Jackie Chan is one of the few actors, along with the Thai Tony Jaa or the Englishman Scott Adkins, who makes martial arts films without any double that serves as aid during the filming: he does his own risky scenes and has accumulated an impressive list of injuries, including an ankle dislocation, a hip fracture and a knee sprain, to prove it. His closest moment to death was during the filming of “Armor of God” in 1985, when he fell from a tree fractured his skull.

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Jackie Chan

Martial Artist, Actor, Director, Producer
Date of Birth
Apr 07, 1954(70 years old)
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