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Hillary Clinton

How much is Hillary Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton net worth:
$ Millions
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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton also known as Hillary Clinton, she was born in Chicago, October 26th of 1947 she is a Politician and the currently candidate for the Democratic party in the next presidential election of the united stated this November of 2016, she is the first women candidate to reach this status in one of the most important political parties of United States. She studied in the Wellesley College and in the year of 1969 she graduated, then she earned her degree from the Yale Law School in 1973. Rodham cofounded Advocates for Children and Families of Arkansas, a non-profit organization. He became the first woman to chair the Legal Services Corporation in 1978 and, the following year, was named the first female partner at Rose Law Firm.

Hillary Clinton Net Worth is 45 million Dollars, she was elected the first woman senator of New York in 2000 and she is married with 42th president of United States Bill Clinton, in the last year she serve as Secretary of State under the president Barack Obama since 2009 to 2013.

Clinton was leading the US response to the Arab Spring and supported the military intervention in Libya, also she assumed responsibility for security flaws related to the attacks in Benghazi of 2012 which ended in the deaths of US consulate staff, but defended his personal actions on the issue.

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Hillary Clinton

Date of Birth
Oct 26, 1947(76 years old)
Hillary Clinton
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