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Katy Perry

How much is Katy Perry?

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Katy Perry net worth:
$125 Million
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Catherine Elizabeth Hudson who is best known by her stage name, Katy Perry, is an American singer, song writer and actress. Katy was born October 25, 1984 in California in the town of Santa Barbara (yes, she really is a “California Girl”), where she lived in the confines of a strict Christian family for with parents involved in their church. Her mother, Mary Christine, and father, Maurice Keith Hudson put her on the religious songs path as she started singing in her parent’s church from age 9 to 17. In 2001, teenage Katy Perry released an album which she named with her birth name, “Kathy Hudson”; she then moved to Los Angeles in order to sing other types of non-religious music.

As a song writer, Perry has collaborated with many producers including Glen Ballard at age 17 and Max Martin; she had even signed a recording contract with Capitol Records in April 2007. Her songs were varied and had several messages and topics such as: self-esteem, development and breaking up.

Perry has always had a special character and personality which has appeared more often in her clothes, as she decorated her own clothes eccentrically, often with topics related to food. She has also launched several fragrance products holding her name as a trademark, like Killer Quine perfume, Meow and Purr.

Today and after her 15-year journey in making music in the entertainment industry, Katy Perry is considered to be one of most inspiring and motivational artists of all time, and for that she has won numerous awards to date, including four Guinness World Records, five American Music Awards and fourteen People’s Choice Awards. She has become one of just a few singers and performers who reached extra high sales in all ages with more than 11 million record sales and 81 singles, earning Katy Perry a net worth off $125 million.

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Katy Perry

Date of Birth
Oct 25, 1984(39 years old)
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