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How much is Eminem?

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Eminem net worth:
$190 Millions
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Marshall Bruce Mathers III also know as Eminem and his alter ego “Slim Shady” was born in October 17, 1972 in St Joseph, Missouri United States. He is one of the most popular Rappers of all time his also considered a great star in the world of hip hop. He stands out as rapper, record producer and actor, his popularity was catapulted in 1999 with his Studio album Slim Shady LP which it won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, and his next album was  The Marshall Mathers LP, it is considered the hip hop album bestselling in history. Besides he start to promote his own label Shady Records.

Eminem Net Worth is around 190 Million Dollars and it keeps rising up, Eminem has sold over 155 million albums worldwide and counting this has made him the most famous rapper in history, In addition, he was ranked number 82 on the list of 100 greatest artists of all time, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, and positioning itself as the 2nd best solo rapper after Dr. Dre.

His stage name comes from the union of his initials o Marshall Mathers: M & M. In 2015 he composed the songs “Kings Never Die” and “Phenomenal” for Southpaw film premiered on July 31, 2015 in the United States.

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Rapper, record producer and actor
Date of Birth
Oct 17, 1972(51 years old)
Slim Shady, Eminem
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