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Javier Bardem

How much is Javier Bardem?

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Javier Bardem net worth:
$78.5 Million
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Javier Bardem Net Worth $57.3 million

Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor who was born in Las Palmas, Spain on March 1th, 1969. He is 5 ft. 11 in tall, and his current Net Worth is $57.3 million.

Personal Life

His family is widely known in Spanish cinema, since they practically appeared at the same time as himself, being his grandfather and his grandmother two period actors.

His mother is the actress Pilar Bardem and his father, Carlos Encinas, is a writer of scripts. Meanwhile, his older brothers, Carlos and Monica, also play diverse roles in the screens of Spain.

Javier began acting when he was very young: “El Pícaro” was his first feature film with only six years and shortly after was dedicated to participate in a great series of television programs.

When arriving at its adolescence had a kind of artistic revelation and embarked in new directions as being the painting in the beginning and later the sports. Before becoming an accomplished actor he was a member of the national rugby team.


In 1990, at the age of 20, he achieved his first feature film in a leading role with “Las edades de Lulu”. Shortly afterwards he was internationally recognized with “Jamón, Jamón” with Penélope Cruz.

Then his career became really successful in Spain, making him the protagonist of a large series of feature films that spread throughout the 1990s.

Some of his most remembered films of this period are “Huevos de Oro” in 1993, “El Amante Bilingüe” of the same year, “Boca a Boca” of 1996, “Días Contados”, “Carne Tremula” and many others.

Thanks to these types of feature films, Bardem was awarded the Goya Awards several times, both in 1995 as Best Supporting Actor and in 1996 as Best Lead Actor.

In 2000 he made his biggest international screening until that time, being nominated to the Academy Awards for Best Lead Actor thanks to the film “Before Night Falls”. In this way he became the first Spaniard to achieve such an honor.

He then appeared in the first film directed by John Malkovich, “The Dancer Upstairs” and later was awarded at the Venice Film Festival for his role in “The Sea Inside”.

That same year he shared the set with Jamie Foxx in the movie “Collateral” as the head of organized crime who hires Tom Cruise to eliminate witnesses.

In 2007 was one of the protagonists of “No Country for Old Men”, film based on the novel of the same name. In addition to this, he also appeared in the filming of the Latin American classic “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

Net Worth

The car collection of this actor is average, he has several luxury cars like a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. He lives in Madrid and bought his luxury house in 2005, it’s valued in %3.6 million. His Net Worth will grow in the next few years around 27%.

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Javier Bardem

Date of Birth
Mar 01, 1969(55 years old)
5 ft. 11 in.
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