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Eva Green

How much is Eva Green?

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Eva Green net worth:
$9 Million
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Eva Green Net Worth $9 million

Eva Green is a French actress who was born in Paris, France on July 6th, 1980. She is 5 ft. 6 in tall, and her current Net Worth is $9 million.

Personal Life

The French actress Eva Green, was born two minutes before than her twin sister, Joy. His parents Marlene was an actress, and Walter was a dentist. Also, her father acted in the film Au Hasard Balthazar by Robert Bresson.

Her descent is Swedish and French. She is Jewish, just like her mother. She described herself as a Jew who never attended the synagogue, also, she said that she feels like a citizen of the world. Because life and cinema don’t have any borders.

Eva described yourself as bourgeois, and she thinks that her sister and her are very different. She is a natural blonde, but she dyed her hair black sins she was a teenager.

Eva was raised in Paris, and she attended to the American University of Paris, this is an English-speaking institution. Also, she spent time between Ramsgate, Ireland and London grow up. She was very quiet in school, and she developed an interest in Egyptology.

When she was 14 years old, watched Isabelle Adjani in The Story of Adele H. After that she decided to become and actress. She continued her studies in St. Paul Drama School in Paris, and took the acting course in the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. At the same time she played several roles in plays in Paris.


In addition to her career as an actress, she did endorsements for different brands as Breil, Montblanc, Emporio Armani, Heineken, Dior, and many others.

She considered herself as a nerdy girl, also she said that when people first met her, they think she is a very cold person, because she keeps distance, but that also allows her to wear a mask. She also lives alone, and by her own account, she keeps a low key life when she is not working. In an interview they ask her about that, and she responds that she thinks that people don’t understand that she is more a homebody, she even don’t like to party.

Net Worth

The car collection of this young actress is very average, she owns a few cars, like a Mini Cooper, BMW, and a Range Rover. She lives in Paris, and his house is valued at $2 million USD. This is considered a luxury home, but Eva green keeps a very simple life.

The experts think that his Net Worth will grow very strong in the next few years. They think that her worth will grow around 28%. This actress also has many projects that will be seeing soon that can help her grow her worth a lot more.

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Eva Green

Date of Birth
Jul 06, 1980(43 years old)
5 ft. 6 in.
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