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Emile Hirsch

How much is Emile Hirsch?

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Emile Hirsch net worth:
$15 Million
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Emile Hirsch was born on March 13, 1985, he is known as an American film actor. Hirsch appeared in a lot of movies and had prominent roles, also he has a lot of fans that love his work. Emile is best known for his performance in the A&E series, Bonnie & Clyde, The Motel Life, Lone Survivor, Into the Wild, and so many others.

Personal life

Emile was born in Palms, California, he is the son of David and Margaret, his parents divorced and he lived with his mom in Santa Fe, Los Angeles and New Mexico. When he was young, he showed interest in acting, and singing.

He had many rumors in his career and his personal life. One of the rumors was for being a young father without married his ex-girlfriend. He is not married to her yet, but they live a married life, he takes care of her and his child. Emile love kids, especially his son, he dedicated all his life to him, that’s why he’s not dating with another person yet.

Many rumors said that he was gay, but this is not true. In 2015 in the Tao Nightclub Hirsch was charged with aggravated assault after choking Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld. This is a problem with his career that he’s trying to resolve soon.


After a lot of dedication, struggling and hard work, Emile was able to establish himself in the industry of Hollywood. Now, he has 30 years old and he’s a handsome guy with a charming face and also he is very into the acting, whatever it takes.

Emile loves writing poetry, screenplays, and visual arts, maybe soon we’ll see his talent on the big screen of Hollywood. He has won five awards, the most remembered was the Critic’s Choice Award in the category of Breakthrough performance and Best Actor, for his role in the movie Into the Wild.

He also have appeared in so many covers of famous magazines, like Teen Vogue, Movieline, Another man, and Vogue Italy.

Emile lost more than 40 pounds to play the role of Christopher McCandless in the movie Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn. This role made him earn a Screen Actor’s Guild nomination and he appeared in Esquire’s in 2007 for being the Celebrities of the entire year.

One of the most remembered parts he has played is with Mark Wahlberg in the movie Lone Survivor, he played a soldier that was sent to enemy grounds.

Emile Hirsch keeps a simple life, even his house is not listed in the public Real Estate, his car is a Speed Car very simple. He isn’t in a relationship with anyone right now, he’s dedicated to his son and the career.

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Emile Hirsch

Date of Birth
Apr 13, 1985(37 years old)
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