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Ellen DeGeneres

How much is Ellen DeGeneres?

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Ellen DeGeneres net worth:
$75 Million
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The famous Ellen DeGeneres, recognized at international level, is an actress, comedian and TV host native from the U.S., born in New Orleans on January 26, 1958. Although she is mostly renowned for her TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, this woman has had a long career in the world of entertainment.

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After completing her studies in communications at the University of New Orleans and having different jobs, including seller of clothing, waitress and secretary, DeGeneres realized that she did not want to give explanations to a boss, so she decided to broaden her horizons; eventually, she found a job in Clyde’s Comedy Club in 1981, after having going around from bars to cafes giving small comical performances, and after touring the United States offering her comic routines, she won a competition called “Showtime Funniest Person in America”. From then on, it could be considered that her career took flight.

It was after that that she was invited to participate in late-night comedy, where she worked with other comedians and artists. Already enjoying some fame, DeGeneres announced on national TV, while she chatted with Oprah Winfrey, that she is a lesbian, in 1997. Despite the controversy it caused, her career only saw certain obstacles to re-establish itself successfully as a presenter.

In 2003, she presented a new TV show with an interview format, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was a resounding success and follows currently on air, increasing its audience and receiving positive reviews.

This woman has been awarded a considerable amount of prizes that only proves her talent, including several Emmy Awards, which she has hosted twice, likewise the gala of the Academy Awards, and many more.

In 2008, she married Portia de Rossi. With an estimated $ 75 million fortune, DeGeneres is currently the number 13 position in the Ranking of Best Paid Celebrities, according to Forbes, and in the position number 50 in the Raking of Most Powerful Women, also according to Forbes.

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Ellen DeGeneres

actress, Comedian and tv host
Date of Birth
Jun 26, 1958(65 years old)
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