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David Copperfield

How much is David Copperfield?

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David Copperfield net worth:
$900 Million
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The worldly popular, the greatest illusionist, the icon of magic: David Seth Kotkin, or he’s more commonly known, David Copperfield. He was born to Jewish parents in Metuchen, New Jersey on September 16, 1956. He started his journey with professional magic and illusions at the age of 10. He was admitted to The Society of American Magicians when he was only 12, and by the age 16 he was teaching magic arts in courses managed by New York University. As a shy young boy, he never would have imagined that his name would be known worldwide, nor that his net worth would be $900 million in 2016.

Copperfield moved to Chicago and participated in the musical “The Magic Man”, which later became the longest continuous musical in Chicago’s history. By that time, he took on his stage name, David Copperfield, which he picked from the Charles Dickens novel by the same name. Copperfield began his career in television shows after he was discovered by a Broadway producer, who produced David in The Magic of ABC show. After that, Copperfield became the most popular magic and illusion show host. His growing success and amazing shows made Forbes Magazine feature him as the most commercially successful magician.

Copperfield received 21 Emmy awards for Best Show, has earned 11 records in the Guinness Book of World Records and he became a renowned celebrity on Hollywood’s walk of fame. Not to mention recognition by the French government and the prestigious U.S. Library of Congress Living Legend Award.

When he isn’t busy with his magic acts, he also manages 11 islands of the Bahamas and earns $35 million dollars. He got married twice, once to the famous supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

David Copperfield has amazed the whole world with his tricks, magic, illusions and dazzling art. With no doubt, he is the greatest, the most famous and the richest magician of our time

As we have already mentioned, David Copperfield’s net worth has reached $900 million. Hey, good magic really pays off!

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david copperfield net worth

David Copperfield

Date of Birth
Sep 16, 1956(67 years old)
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