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Daniel Day-Lewis

How much is Daniel Day-Lewis?

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Daniel Day-Lewis net worth:
$500 Million
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Daniel Day-Lewis has just announced his retirement from acting, but this British actor has had one of the most brilliant career for a performer in the history of Hollywood. He has a net worth of $50 million. Daniel Day-Lewis was born in Kensington, London (England) on April 29th, 1957. His relationship with cinema comes from birth. His maternal grandfather, Sir Michael Balcon, was a major producer of British cinema.

His father, Cecil Day-Lewis, was Elizabeth II’s poet, and his mother, Jill Balcon, is a Jewish theater actress. His career began with a brief appearance in the movie Sunday Bloody Sunday in 1971 when he was a teenager. He studied in Greenwich, London, and in Sevenoaks School, Kent, and later dramatic art at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School.

Professional career.

His adult acting debut was a short appearance in the multi-award-winning film Gandhi in 1982. He later made several roles in theater, and series for the BBC until in 1985, where he was consecrated with two parts: one was a punk and homophobic guy from London who has a relationship with an old college friend in My Beautiful Laundry, and a dandy named Cecil Vyse in A Room with a View in which he worked with many of the best English actors. Then, other films came such as the unbearable lightness of being with Juliette Binoche until in 1989 he was offered the role of Christy Brown, a disabled Irish artist in My left foot. This role was the one that gave him fame, and an Oscar between numerous awards and nominations like the Golden Globe Award.

Other films.

In 1992, he performed a solid performance as a renegade target raised by Indians, Nathaniel, in The Last of the Mohicans by Michael Mann along with Madeleine Stowe that gave a great impetus to his career.

With the Irishman director Jim Sheridan, he collaborated on two other occasions, in the film In the name of the Father, in 1993, about the issue of Four men from Guildford unjustly accused of belonging to the IRA, with Emma Thompson and for which he obtained another nomination To Oscar, in addition to other nominations and awards, and The Boxer in 1997.

He later performed The Age of Innocence in 1993 by Martin Scorsese, The Crucible in 1996, or Gangs of New York in 2002, also by Scorsese and which provided him with his third Oscar nomination for his work as Bill the Butcher.

Films he rejected.

Among the projects he rejected are included: The Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare in Love, Philadelphia, and Solaris, among others. He rejected the role of Tom Hanks in Philadelphia with which Hanks won his first Oscar, to focus on filming In the name of the father.

He was considered by Joel Schumacher to take the role of Batman in the movie Batman Forever after Michael Keaton left the project. He was interested in interpreting the role of Vincent Vega in the film Pulp Fiction, but it was finally John Travolta who got the part.

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Daniel Day-Lewis

Date of Birth
Apr 29, 1957(66 years old)
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