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Mark Wahlberg

How much is Mark Wahlberg?

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Mark Wahlberg net worth:
$225 Million
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Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, born in Boston Massachusetts on June 5th, 1971. He has a current net worth of $225 million. He is the youngest of nine siblings: Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, Debbie (deceased in 2003 at age 44) and Donnie, sons of Alma Elaine (maiden name Donnelly) and Donald E. Wahlberg. His paternal grandfather was Swedish, while his paternal grandmother was Irish, and his mother has English, French-Canadian and Irish descent.

His teenage.

Wahlberg left school when he was in high school and worked for a short time as a bricklayer. By that time, he was introduced to the world of crime and drugs, being detained on different occasions. These arrests took him to Deer Island prison, in which he spent two months after docking to two citizens from Vietnamese origin.

Marky Mark & Funky Bunch.

After leaving jail, Mark decided to leave behind his troubled past and start a musical career after seeing the commercial triumph of his brother Donnie with the New Kids on The Block. In the music world, he also obtained a remarkable success when he led the rap group Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch.

At the same time as his career as a rapper, he also worked as an advertising model for the well-known Calvin Klein, where he shared photographs with Kate Moss. The group had hits with Good Vibrations (# 1 in the US) and Wild Side from his album Music for the People. He was described as a sex symbol for his muscular physique, although he was involved in controversy for his provocative performances. On occasion, he showed his buttocks from the stage. His second LP, You Gotta Believe, was a failure.

Debut in cinema.

He made his film debut in 1994 in Renaissance Man, starring Danny DeVito, and the following year, he shot along with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Basketball Diaries, where he demonstrated a great interpretation. Starting from Boogie Nights, he left critics impressed by his wide assortment performance and abilities.

He rejected roles as Linus Caldwell’s in Ocean’s Eleven (played by Matt Damon), as well as Ennis Del Mar on Brokeback Mountain (played by Heath Ledger) and rejected the lead role in the film Assault on Precinct 13 The district police station 13). He also decided not to perform the second part of The Departed, which had directed Martin Scorsese, whose cast was formed by Jack Nicholson, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. This film made Wahlberg to obtain a nomination for best supporting actor in the Golden Globes and Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards.

Other films.

He participated in 2001 in the film the Perfect Storm, interpreting Bobby Shatford, where he shared credits with George Clooney. He also starred Rockstar in 2001, where he was Chris Cole along with Zakk Wylde.

Wahlberg’s best salary was the $ 15 million he earned for his starring role in the 2001 version of The Planet of the Apes.

Personal life.

Wahlberg has four children with Rhea Durham: Ella Rae, Michael, Brandan Joseph, and Margaret Greacel.

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Mark Wahlberg

Date of Birth
Jun 05, 1971(53 years old)
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